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  • The Sizzling Summer Hunt

    Current Store List
    The Storax Tree

    Welcome to The Sizzling Summer Hunt.

    When the hunt starts: 1st July 2017

    When the hunt ends: 31st July 2017

    Cost: 1L

    Theme: Summer theme anything colorful or to do with summer but if  you don't like the theme we allow a free theme, we're pretty flexible.

    Sponsors: 15

    Stores: 35

    50 stores altogether.

    Starting Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Castello%20Beach/113/186/1001

    All landmarks will be posted here on the Dokkaebi Events Page. None will be in the hunt items.



    (copy and paste the below into a notecard in world and drop it into the correct Mailbox at the location under the text)

    Please rename the notecard Sizzling Summer Hunt (Your Store) (Your Name)

    Your Store Name:

    Your Name (No display names, full SL name only):

    Do you have a customer service rep we can contact if you are unavailable:

    If yes what is their name (they must join the Dokkaebi Events group)?

    Landmark to your store:

    Sponsor (Yes/No):

    Sponsor Fee is 100L

    You MUST join the Dokkaebi Events group in order to participate in our hunts, you will be added once your application is accepted.

    Please drop the notecard at our mailbox here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Castello%20Beach/152/140/1001


    What are the benefits of being a sponsor?

    ✩ We will have a sponsor area of out blog, your store logo, landmark AND info about your store will be posted there for the entire duration of the hunt.

    ✩ All sponsors will get placed in the first hunt spots (positions 2-15) this is based on a first come first serve basis.

    ✩ Sposorship Fee is 100L. When we receive your request to become a sponsor we will send you a second notecard. You must fill this notecard in and post it back to us in the mailbox provided. The notecard includes a section to include the transaction info of when you sent the sponsorship fee. The fee must be sent before you send this notecard back to us.

    ✩ Sponsors will need to provide a store logo along with an SLURL to their in world store which will be posted on our website.

    ✩ Refunds will not be given for sponsorship feels unless you accidentally pay twice.


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